A lawyer since 2009 with a PhD in private law (2016), Yvan Marjault mainly advises on company law, financing law, banking law and commercial law matters. He advises companies and their executives on corporate transfers and restructuring, as well as on capital raising transactions. He also assists credit institutions and companies in drafting and negotiating loan agreements and related guarantees.


In addition, since 2008, he has been involved in academic activities, including at Le Mans University and has written for legal journals such as the Revue des Sociétés, Lamy de Droit Civil, Lexis 360 and Banque & Droit.


2010- 2016 – PhD thesis in private law entitled, “Les obligations disjonctives : étude des obligations alternatives et facultatives” (very honorable mention with praise from the jury).

Octobre 2009 – Bar Admission (CAPA).

2007 – Post-graduate degree (Master 2) in business law with “banking and securities” major from the University of Mans (high honors and valedictorian) and thesis on the use of imperfect delegation in business contracts.


  • French
  • English

2017 “Renouveau du contrat d’agent des sûretés”, Revue Lamy de Droit civil, September 2017, n°151, p. 31.

2017 Authored the updated section, “Transfert d’obligations” in the Jurisclasseur, volume n°95 related to Contracts-Distribution, July 2017.

2017 Authored an article on caselaw entitled, “Validité des clauses de bad leaver imposées à un actionnaire salarié”, Revue des sociétés, February 2017.

2014 Contributed to the article, “Des droits des arbitres : le point de vue du jurist”, in Droit(s) du Football, Éditions l’Epitoge, Lextenso, in connection with a conference in Mans on April 4, 2014 related to football law, under the supervision of Professors Mathieu Touzeil-Divina et Mathieu Maisonneuve.

2010 Authored the article, “La privation de la faculté de lever les options de souscription ou d’achat : une nouvelle sanction prohibée par le droit social”, Revue des sociétés, November 2010.

2010 Authored the article, “Les aspects de droit communautaire du système de gouvernance des entreprises d’assurance : premier regard” with Professor Jean-Philippe Dom, Les Petites Affiches, January 20, 2010 no. 14, p. 6.

2009 Authored the article “Le renouveau proche de la cession de créance à titre de garantie”, Revue Banque & Droit, no. 123, January – February 2009.